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Optimize Both Your Outer Environment and Inner State: 4 Steps to Success

Great music is playing. The sun is shining, water fountains are flowing. Beauty is all around. That’s my outer environment right now. On the inside, I am lit up, happy, and powerfully inspired! Smile on my face. Heart wide open. The synergy brings out my best as a leader and as a human being.

It’s wonderful when you can create an outer environment that inspires you and brings out your best. And in business, you can’t always do that. However, what you always can do is manage your inner state — that is always a choice. Not an easy one. It takes practice and dedication. Creating an optimal outer environment and being in charge of your inner state are keys to being an Amare (love-based) leader. And Amare leadership is exactly what our world needs right now.

    • Is your outer environment optimized (to the extent you can) for your well-being?

    • Are you willing to commit to optimizing your inner environment, no matter what?

    • If yes, will you take action on it right now?

Four Amare Steps to Improving Your Inner and Outer Environments

Improve your outer environment in two minutes. Pretend you are stepping into your work space for the first time. Notice what makes you smile. What tightens you up. Identify three simple and quick things you can do to increase the smiling and loosen the tightening. Do them right now.

Improve your inner environment in two minutes. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Tighten all your muscles and hold for a count of three, then release. Repeat three times. Take three more deep breaths. Smile.

Commit to one percent daily improvement. Make a promise to yourself to take five minutes a day to improve your inner and outer environments. Put it in writing and post it. Keep track of what you do. Ask someone to be an accountability partner and check on your progress daily.

Make it a company thing. Ask your people to identify one little thing they can do, and one you can as a leader do, to optimize their outer environment. Think sight, sound, taste. Think of energy moving or stuck. Consider what will work in both virtual and physical environments.

Do what is in your power to make your own outer environment, and the company environment, as conducive as possible to happiness and productivity. At the same time, work diligently on your inner environment. No one controls that but you.

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